This is something I really wanna do.

I love thinking about life in general and I want to keep track of my thoughts on stuff like:

- How I think

- How/why I work (motivations, purpose)

- How I live. How I think people should live

- What's the ideal education system. What should student learn to value

- Many more...


- What I think of intuition

Intuition: Instantly knowing something without reasoning.

Intuition comes from reasoning and understanding experience and there are two different kinds of experience.

Experience -

1. Direct experience

Directly experiencing something in a given situation or environment. Direct experience requires indirect experience of reasoning because sometimes direct experience can be misguiding to the truth. Examples range from getting hurt by a sharp object to trying out different lifestyle.

2. Indirect experience

Indirect experience is thinking and reasoning. It is gained by simulating a situation in my head.

Possibly, my ultimate goal of knowledge could be gaining intuition as much as possible and being able to reason them logically in words when needed. I value experience on top of any other learning method. (I think you can only learn by "experiencing") I learn in order to gain intuition by experiencing: thinking about every possibility on something or some situation and reasoning them logically to find and understand the truth or close to the truth. This learning applies to every aspects of my life (academic life, social life, inner self, ...).

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